Web Development Services

Customized Web Development is the key to having a functional website

We provide Web Development Servicesin over 20 programming languages including:

  • CSS/CSS3
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • Windows
  • ASP/ASP.Net
  • Apache
  • C#
  • VB/VB.Net
  • jQuery/JavaScript
  • AJAX

Stages of Web Development

As soon as the client has provided their requirements for the website, our development team gets started towards the preliminary requirement analysis. Here we analyze how the new web-based application is going to help the present system and how the site is going to help the business in generating revenue. Moreover, the analysis should cover all the aspects especially on how the application is going to join the existing system. All the present hardware, software, users and data should be considered during the time of analysis.
For example if company ABC is in need of an application to have its inventory details online, the analysis team may try to utilize the existing data from the present database. Once the analysis is completed, it is shared with the project leaders.
Technical Specifications
Technical specifications are created by covering each and every site requisite.
For example if the product is a website, then the modules of the site including general layout, site navigation and dynamic elements should be included in the specifications. These specifications are placed into an outline that is delivered to our developers.
Website Design & Development Services
Our work on the project is scheduled upon receipt of the signed proposal, an initial deposit, and any written materials and graphics you wish to include. Most clients expect a fully-functional prototype. Our web development team creates the prototype and places it online for the client to review. In this stage, we expect the customer to provide feedback and their own analysis. Throughout this development phase, we will develop test plans and procedures for quality assurance. If a database is required, our team will analyze the data needing to be management and will create the database accordingly.
Content Writing
All applications require written content, whether it is supplied by the client or by one of our professional content developers. When the content is complete, a grammar, spelling, and readability check is run for quality assurance.
In this stage, our programmers add the developed code into the site or application without affecting the layout. The programmers may also work with other members of the team to create buttons, forms or graphics needed for proper application. When the programming is complete, our team may assist in creating end-user license agreements (EULA), technical documents, update documents and/or manuals (if needed).
All development undergoes extensive testing. It is important that our clients receive a fully-tested product upon delivery. Our team tests the following aspects:
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Code Compatibility
  • Server Comparability
  • Broken Links
  • Spelling/Grammar
  • Load Speed
Promotion / SEO
This phase is applicable only for websites and web-based applications, and if the customer chooses to supplement this on top of their design package. The site promotion is normally an on-going process as the strategies of search engine may change quite often. Submitting a site URLs once in 2 months can be an ideal submission policy. If the customer is willing, paid click and paid submissions can also be done at an additional cost.
Maintenance and Updating
Websites may need frequent updates to keep them fresh. In the case, we will need to perform an analysis again and all the other life cycle steps will repeat. Bug fixes will be done during normal maintenance hours. Once your web site is operational, on-going promotion, technical maintenance, content management & updating, site visit activity reports, staff training and mentoring is needed on a regular basis depending on the complexity of your web site, and the needs within your organization.