Database Development

Intuitive user interface and accurate database design.

The Target Group proudly uses MySQLto create secure, reliable databases.

Our Database Development Process

The first step to have our initial meeting where we discuss your business needs and talk about a rough price for the project. If you are satisfied with how we plan to go forward and with the cost, the next step would be for us to discuss and go over the following:

  1. Current System Requirements
  2. Identifying and Documenting New Database Requirements
  3. Finding and implementing new features that could improve usability and efficiency

When the database analysis project is complete, we will provide with a fixed and final price.

If you are happy with the results and choose The Target Group to go ahead with the project, we will immediately start work on your new database structure. The database structure is fundamental to your system and business; how it is designed lays out the foundation for the entire process. We assure you that we take future expansion into account and ensure that your database design is optimized to meet your needs as your business grows. We also keep tight maintenance of our servers and databases and ensure that the programming is kept updated with the latest security protocols.

When the database structure is complete, we then move on to Development which essentially is the front-end interface to your new system. This is what you and your employees will be using in day-to-day operations. All of our systems are designed using the newest programming language and solid, quality structural development. We also ensure that this product is truly yours; we will adapt the same color scheme from your logo/website and include your logo in the upper left corner of the interface. We take usability very seriously and will make sure that your system is easy to navigate, it retrieves the database information quickly, and doesn't leave the user guessing.

During the Development process, we will upload partial sections of your programming for testing. This stage lets us work all of the bugs out and make sure it is to your liking. Once your project has reached "Beta" status, we will supply you a link to the test space where we are developing your product. You will be able to see how the project is coming along and can test the functionality of the system for further errors and improvements. At this point, the design is done and only errors and functionality are focused on.

Once the entire process is complete and have received approval from you, the software is compiled and packaged for installation on your servers. We can assist you with this installation if needed.

A properly structured database can reduce bandwidth and may lower hosting costs.