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It's not about us, it's about YOU!

It's not about us, it's about YOU!

The Target Group, Inc. houses a team of talented individuals from a variety of disciplines in the areas of Business Performance Consulting, Optimization, Implementation, Web Development and Integrated Marketing! We are here to help you strengthen your internal processes at every touch point and find The Hidden assets that already exist in your organization optimizing them for optimal exponential growth!

Our team of professional Business Growth Optimization and Implementation Specialists are ready and available to work with you on your sales processes, sales and manager training, strategies, advertising, and developing a web presence that is unequalled in the industry!

A Strategic Alliance...Hall of Fame Promotions & Target Group

Our goal is to help you Attract, Convert, and Retain clients for your organization in the most cost effective and efficient ways without you having to spend any more money on advertising! By using more effective strategies to attract the right prospects to your business, having the right processes in place to convert more of these prospects into sales, and retain your clients for a longer duration of time, you will eliminate the need to continue to pour an over excessive amount of money into advertising!

You can finally have both the online and offline presence you are looking for as well as in house solutions to some of your largest challenges. You will receive the help you need to develop, implement and execute the success strategies known only by top organizations that will drive your revenue and profits to new heights!

We believe in taking the time up front to evaluate the unique challenges facing you and your organization. This investment of time and figuring out the "as-is" condition of your business or another way to say it is your current business metrics is critical in positioning your organization for future success and growth in any economy!

Once your goals are understood and internalized can we start the strategic process of differentiating your company from all others, and brand your products and services in the minds of all possible prospects, as well as current, past and present clients!

We invite you to review our website and give us a call to learn more about how you can increase profits, reduce costs and impact your bottom line!


Our Team Leaders

Meet our Team... they are always up to something good!

Brian Sebastian
Brian Sebastian

Brian is the founder of the Target Group, Inc. Today, as President of The Target Group Inc. and Mission to Achieve Program, Brian is grateful to lead a team of highly committed creative marketing and cost containment specialists.

Brian's passion and vision for marketing and advertising began in 1989 when he started Target Promotions. Over the years and after adding several performance elements to his company the name was changed to The Target Group Inc.

In 2004, his company was selected above all other companies; vetted and given the honor as being the marketing company of choice of the RNC (Republican National Convention). Working with top government officials like Tom Reynolds, Karl Rove and President George W. Bush, Brian and his team of professionals handled the creative piece designs as well as all of the awards for the inaugural dinner.

Frank Swiatek
Frank Swiatek
Senior Strategic Consultant

Frank is an author, speaker, consultant and coach in the areas of marketing, sales, leadership and strategic direction.

Frank's leadership, vision, and integrity is always front and center as he conducted over 3450 engagements for organizations through The United States and Canada including numerous small businesses and over 25 Fortune 500 companies (Including Verizon Wireless, Lays Potato Chips, Ford Motor Company and IBM).

Frank has an incredible amount of knowledge in business performance success. He has conducted numerous small business boot camps in WNY and small businesses in CT, NYC and NJ. He also serves on the Board of Regents at Canisius College where he is the Executive-in-Residence at the Canisius Center for Professional Development. He is also an accredited speaker for Vistage, the world's largest CEO organization.

Dave Harrington
Dave Harrington
Vice President of Sales

Dave has been a part of the Target Group since its inception; a friend and confident of the founder Brian Sebastian and both graduating from the same high school. A hard worker and avid student of the marketing, advertising and promotional industry, he is always on the hunt for new information and knowledge to help simplify and better each step of the process.